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Village Square Booksellers owners, Pat and Alan Fowler, spent 4 years living aboard their Dutch Barge, Zee Otter, traveling the waterways of France, England, Belgium and Holland. Familiar with the French Canals & French Culture, they'll be happy to help you find the right canal holiday for you.  


We offer French Canal Holidays aboard Elisabeth, a crewed charter barge operating in the Burgundy Region and bareboat charters from France Afloat, self-drive boats up to 15 meters (no license required). France Afloat operates in Western, Central & Southern France. 


Pat books reservations for Elisabeth, a 30 meter barge based in Auxerre, France.  4-6 passenger crewed barge charter, including all meals, wines, side trips for 6 nights in the Burgundy Region of France. Truly a relaxing way to spend a hotel in a beautiful region of France, steeped in history and historical sites, and allowing you to sample wonderful French cuisine. Elisabeth can accommodate couples or singles, children gladly accepted.  For further information on Elisabeth, please contact Pat at Village Square Booksellers.




Pat is also representing France Afloat, a company that manages fleets of bareboat charter boats in several regions of France.  The boats are up to 15 meters in length, so no license is required and can the boats can accommodate from 2-10 passengers. You can get online information on their fleet at France Afloat's website - then contact Pat for a brochure, US pricing, and booking forms.  If you do decide to book direct without the US pricing, please mention that you were referred by Pat- she is on commission with friends Mike, Lesley, Zoë & Steve. 




Email Us  to Pat  for a info on France Afloat or Elisabeth Barging Burgundy LTD.


Village Square Booksellers carries travel books on the French Canals and boating in general.  Pat & Alan spent 7 years living aboard their sailboat Sea Otter, a Pacific Seacraft 31 and Zee Otter, (photo below) a 72 foot Dutch Barge built in 1922.  We carry or can recommend boating titles on the East Coast of the US, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Azores, England, the Netherlands and the French Canals.   Contact us for current stock or we'll be happy to special order books for you.


Barge Zee Otter:



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