Barge Travel Services at Village Square Booksellers

Village Square Booksellers owners, Pat and Alan Fowler, spent 4 years living aboard their Dutch Barge, Zee Otter, traveling the waterways of France, England, Belgium and Holland.    

Our travel services have been closed down due to the retirement of our barging friends, Sheila & Peter Jenner aboard Elisabeth.  However, Village Square Booksellers carries some travel books on the French Canals and boating in general.  Pat & Alan spent 7 years living aboard their sailboat Sea Otter, a Pacific Seacraft 31 and Zee Otter, (photo below) a 72 foot Dutch Barge built in 1922.  We carry or can recommend boating titles on the East Coast of the US, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Azores, England, the Netherlands and the French Canals.   Contact us for current stock or we'll be happy to special order books for you.

Barge Zee Otter:

Sea Otter Pacific Seacraft 31   (1989-1996):

Sea Otter- Pacific Seacraft 31  1989-1996


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