Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award 2009-2010

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award

Master List 2009 – 2010



Abrahams, Peter Into the Dark HarperCollins 5 up

Aguilar, David 11 Planets National Geographic 4 up

Balliett, Blue The Calder Game Scholastic 5 up

Bradbury, Jennifer Shift Atheneum 7 up

Broach, Elise Masterpiece Holt 4 up

Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games Scholastic 7 up

Daley, Michael Rat Trap Holiday House 4 up

Dowell, Frances O’Roark Shooting the Moon Atheneum 5 up

Farr, Richard Emperors of the Ice FSG 6 up

Feldman, Jody The Gollywhopper Games Greenwillow 4 up

Frost, Helen Diamond Willow FSG 5 up

Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book HarperCollins 6 up

George, Jessica Day Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow Bloomsbury 6 up

Goodman, Allegra The Other Side of the Island Razorbill 6 up

Greenberg, Jan & Sandra Jordan Christo and Jeanne-Claude Roaring Brook 4 up

Haddix, Margaret Peterson Found S & S 5 up

Hale, Shannon & Dean Hale Rapunzel’s Revenge Bloomsbury 4 up

Herlong, M.H. The Great Wide Sea Viking 6 up

Law, Ingrid Savvy Dial 5 up

Napoli, Donna Jo Mogo, the Third Warthog Hyperion 4 up

Nuzum, K.A. The Leanin’ Dog HarperCollins 5 up

O’Connor, Barbara Greetings from Nowhere FSG 5 up

Pearson, Ridley Steel Trapp: The Challenge Disney 5 up

Qamar, Amjed Beneath My Mother’s Feet Atheneum 6 up

Rutkoski, Marie The Cabinet of Wonders FSG 5 up

Scieszka, Jon Knucklehead Viking 4 up

Shusterman, Neal Antsy Does Time Dutton 6 up

Soo, Kean Jellaby Hyperion 5 up

Spradlin, Michael P. Keeper of the Grail Putnam 6 up

Vande Velde, Vivian Stolen Marshall Cavendish 5 up 

Into the Dark (Echo Falls Mysteries) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060737108
Availability: Special Order
Published: HarperCollins - March 31st, 2009

Thirteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes aficionado Ingrid Levin-Hill tries to clear her grandfather’s name when he is accused of murdering an environmental activist found dead on his farm. In Echo Falls, secrets buried in the past don't always stay there. An idyllic day of snowshoeing on Grampy's land with Joey Strade turns out to be less than idyllic when thirteen-year-old super sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill stumbles upon a body lying in the snow. This discovery sends the town of Echo Falls into a tailspin in which secrets long hidden are revealed and Grampy gets sent to jail. While Ingrid works to clear Grampy's name and uncover what really happened to the man in the snow, she discovers even more secrets she wishes she never knew. Just like the character Gretel, whom Ingid is playing in the Prescott Players' production of "Hansel and Gretel," Ingrid must go deep into the darkness to find the truth. In the third book in the Edgar Award-nominated and national bestselling Echo Falls series, Peter Abrahams's talent for building suspense shines as Ingrid embarks on her most harrowing adventure yet.

11 Planets: A New View of the Solar System Cover Image
ISBN: 9781426302367
Availability: Special Order
Published: National Geographic Children's Books - March 11th, 2008

Brilliant photorealistic illustrations and fascinating facts straight from the latest astronomy news bring a comprehensive look at our solar system as we’ve never seen it before. In August 2006, the International Astronomical Union redefined the word "planet" and relegated Pluto to the status of a dwarf planet, along with Ceres and Eris. Naturally, National Geographic is there to map out this new view of our solar system. In "11 Planets, " David Aguilar, an expert who works on the leading edge of this astounding shift, explains and explores our new galactic knowledge. Using spectacular computer artwork, exclusive to National Geographic, and simple engaging text, this colorful book profiles all 11 planets in our newly categorized solar system: terrestrial Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars; gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune; and dwarf planets Pluto, Ceres, and Eris. The author of the hugely popular "Planets, Stars, and Galaxies" now leads young minds through into this exciting new view of space, giving readers a vivid "you are there" sensation through his photorealistic artwork. David Aguilar's "11 Planets" is a simple yet compelling introduction to the solar system as it is now classified. This beautiful volume also includes informative spreads on: The Sun Earth's moon Mars' moons, Phobos and Diemos Ceres, one of the new dwarf planets The Asteroid Belt Pluto and its moon, Charon Sedna and Eggland, two large Kuiper Belt objects Saturn's rings and moons Comets and the Oort Cloud Other new worlds now being discovered. This engaging volume also includes fun activities for young readers. Aguilar's text presents the latest discoveries in space to young imaginations in a compelling and scientifically accurate way, encouraging understanding of mankind's new view of our solar system.

The Calder Game Bk 3 Cover Image
By Blue Balliett, Brett Helquist (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780439852074
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Scholastic Press - May 1st, 2008

When seventhgrader Calder Pillay disappears from a remote English village--along with an Alexander Calder sculpture to which he has felt strangely drawn--his friends Petra and Tommy fly from Chicago to help his father find him. When Calder Pillay travels with his father to a remote village in England, he finds a mix of mazes and mystery . . . including an unexpected Alexander Calder sculpture in the town square. Calder is strangely drawn to the sculpture, while other people have less-than-friendly feelings towards it. Both the boy and the sculpture seem to be out of place . . . and then, on the same night, they disappear! Calder's friends Petra and Tommy must fly out to help his father find him. But this mystery has more twists and turns than a Calder mobile . . . with more at stake than first meets the eye.

Shift Cover Image
ISBN: 9781416947325
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Atheneum Books for Young Readers - May 20th, 2008

When best friends Chris and Win go on a cross country bicycle trek the summer after graduating from high school and only one returns, the FBI wants to know what happened. "Shift" is a tour de force -- a literary debut that'll knock the wind out of you as it explores the depths of loyalty, the depths of friendship, and the unknowable depths of another person.

Masterpiece Cover Image
By Elise Broach, Kelly Murphy (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780805082708
Availability: Backordered
Published: Henry Holt & Company - September 30th, 2008

After Marvin, a beetle, makes a miniature drawing as an eleventh birthday gift for James, a human with whom he shares a house, the two new friends work together to help recover an Albrecht Dürer drawing stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Marvin lives with his family under the kitchen sink in the Pompadays' apartment. He is very much a beetle. James Pompaday lives with his family in New York City. He is very much an eleven-year-old boy.After James gets a pen-and-ink set for his birthday, Marvin surprises him by creating an elaborate miniature drawing. James gets all the credit for the picture and before these unlikely friends know it they are caught up in a staged art heist.

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