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No need to buy a new whizzy. Read Kobo eBooks™ on your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Droid, Nook, Sony Reader, or any other dedicated reading device (except Kindle).

Now you can support your local indie bookseller in the digital world. Part of the appeal of Kobo eBooks for our customers is the ability to support Village Square Booksellers online as well as in the bookstore. If you agree, instead of buying e-books via the Kobo Books app on your mobile device, please return to VillageSquareBooks.com every time you shop for e-books. 

Adobe Digital editions- Download for your computer, copy books from your computer to your e-reader (Nook, Sony. Kobo)

Ebooks purchases from the website of Village Square Booksellers: Yes, you can buy ebooks from your local independent bookstore!  If, like many of us, you like being able to read on your electronic reader as well as from printed books, we can provide you with many books in the format of your choice.

Finding ebooks
Start with the "Search All Books" box in the right sidebar.  Use the author's name, title or keyword, just as you would in searching a regular book.  There is a Search sBooks browser button in the left sidebar.
Setting your preferences

Create an account on our website.  At that time, you'll be given the option to select the electronic device(s) you might use for reading ebooks. Our system will then steer you toward the corresponding file format(s) for ebooks as you shop.  Or you can select file format manually for each book.

Set up a KOBO e-Book account linking to Village Square Booksellers: https://secure.kobobooks.com/auth/Kobo/register?utm_medium=web&utm_source=ABA20C1792

When you buy a Kobo ebook through the Village Square Booksellers online bookstore, you are purchasing a file that is stored "in the cloud".  You can also download Kobo ebooks to Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and many eReaders, and read them using the free Kobo Books App.

You can read your purchased Kobo ebooks several different ways:

  1. on your "My ebooks" page when logged into Village Square Booksellers Bookstore
  2. on the Kobo Books page when logged into your Kobo account;
  3. on your smartphone or ereader. 

The first time you buy a Kobo ebook from Village Square Booksellers, you will be asked to set up a Village Square Booksellers Bookstore account Kobo account, and accept the Kobo Books Terms of Service.  You only have to do this once; checkout proceeds as usual, and you can then access your Kobo Books.

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