Steve Delaney, author of Cooney

10/27/2011 7:00 pm
America/New York
Steve DelaneyVillage Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls welcomes Vermonter Steve Delaney. Cooney: The Making of a Country Cop is the second book in Milton author Steve Delaney’s Nilesburgh Chronicles, which began in 2009 with “Kevin,The Story of The Last Invisible Vermonter.” While Kevin (who first met Cooney in the first grade) reveals a solitary man living off the grid, the new book relates the life of a fatherless child who struggles, sometimes desperately, to fit into the often-confusing world around him. Nilesburgh, a fictitious Franklin County town located somewhere in the vicinity of the real Sheldon,Vt., is home to a rich population of characters brought to life via a true-life journalists’ deft imagination and his obvious love for them. Delaney's distinctive voice has been heard on Vermont Public Radio for the past decade. He has won national honors for two NBC White Paper television documentaries, and for radio documentaries and news programs produced for VPR. Delaney is a fifty-year broadcast journalist who has covered politics and other petty crime in Washington, finance and other felonies in New York and wars on three continents. He is the middle link in a five-generation family love affair with Lake Champlain and the state and now calls Milton his home. Vermont Seasonings was his first book- he visited Village Square Booksellers when his book Vermont Seasonings came out in 2007. 
32 The Square
Bellows Falls
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United States

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