Red Clover Award Nominees 2009

This is the list of 2009 nominees - required reading for students K-4 in Vermont.  At the end of the school year, librarians had the students vote for their favorite book. 

The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374312510
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Farrar Straus Giroux - March 20th, 2007

An African-American youngster is determined to become the best chicken chaser ever, although Big Mama repeatedly asks her to leave the animals alone. Despite the girl's best efforts her favorite chicken, Miss Hen, always manages to escape. One summer day finally she catches up with Miss He. She discovers her prize surrounded by chicks, and the girl instantly reforms. Meet one smart chicken chaser. She can catch any chicken on her grandmother's farm except one - the elusive Miss Hen. In a hilarious battle of wits, the spirited narrator regales readers with her campaign to catch Miss Hen, but this chicken is "fast as a mosquito buzzing and quick as a fleabite." Our chicken chaser has her mind set on winning, until she discovers that sometimes it's just as satisfying not to catch chickens as it is to catch them. A fresh voice full of sass and inventive, bold collage illustrations full of surprises create a childlike escapade brimming with funny high jinks that leads the reader on a merry, memorable chase. Parents Choice Award (Spring) (1998-2007) | Winner | Gold | 2007 - 2007 ; Monarch Award | Nominee | Grades K-3 | 2009 - 2009 ; Black-Eyed Susan Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2008 - 2008 ; Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children | Recommended | Up to Seven | 2008 - 2008 ; Volunteer State Book Awards | Nominee | Grades K-3 | 2009 - 2010 ; Delaware Diamonds Award | Nominee | Grades K-2 | 2007 - 2008

Dadblamed Union Army Cow Cover Image
ISBN: 9780763622633
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Candlewick Press (MA) - June 12th, 2007

From the soulful-eyed bovine on the front cover to the cowhide endpapers, Fletcher and Root celebrate the true story of a cow who accompanied her owner to the Civil War, providing much needed nourishment (in milk) and comfort. Based on stories and newspaper reports from the Civil War and full of lively illustrations, this book tells a heartwarming tale of one wonderfully persistent cow who follows her owner into the Union army. Full color.

Fred Stays with Me! Cover Image
By Nancy Coffelt, Tricia Tusa (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780316882699
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Little, Brown Young Readers - June 1st, 2007

A young girl moves back and forth between her divorced parents' homes along with her dog Fred,who has several bad habits that neither parent appreciates. The girl is adamant that she will never let him go and helps to work out solutions for his naughty behavior. Shown from the girl's viewpoint, the pictures do not include the grown-ups. Told from the point of view of a young child whose parents are divorced, this story follows a girl and her dog, Fred, from one parents house to the others. With a simple text and childlike language, the story expresses and addresses a childs concerns. Full color.

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella: A Worldwide Cinderella Cover Image
By Paul Fleischman, Julie Paschkis (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780805079531
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Henry Holt & Company - September 4th, 2007

Seventeen distinct cultural variations of the classic tale of Cinderella are cleverly conveyed with the essential sameness of the story left intact. Newbery Medalist Fleischman and artist Paschkis craft the many versions of the story of Cinderella from around the world--from Ireland to Zimbabwe--into one hymn to the rich variety and the enduring constants of our diverse cultures. Full color. Also Grand Canyon Reader Award | Nominee | Nonfiction | 2010 - 2010

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad Cover Image
By Ellen Levine, Kadir Nelson (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780439777339
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Scholastic Press - March 10th, 2008

Levine recounts the true story of Henry Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom. His journey took just over one full day, during which he was often sideways or upside down in a wooden crate large enough to hold him, but small enough not to betray its contents. He is delivered to the friends of an abolitionist doctor in Philadelphia on March 30, 1849. In this powerful story, Levine weaves together the extraordinary events in the life of Henry "Box" Brown, who as a young boy hid in a wooden crate in one of the most amazing escapes using the Underground Railroad. Full color. Caldecott Medal | Honor Book | Picture Book | 2008 - 2008 ; North Carolina Children's Book Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2009 - 2009 ; Virginia Readers Choice Award | Nominee | Elementary | 2009 - 2009 ; South Carolina Childrens, Junior and Young Adult Book Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2008 - 2009 ; Red Clover Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2009 - 2009 ; Keystone to Reading Book Award | Nominee | Primary | 2008 - 2009 ; Black-Eyed Susan Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2007 - 2008 ; Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children | Recommended | Seven to Ten | 2008 - 2008 ; Colorado Children's Book Award | Nominee | Picture Book | 2009 - 2009 ; Delaware Diamonds Award | Nominee | Grades K-2 | 2007 - 2008 ; West Virginia Children's Book Award | Nominee | Children's | 2009 - 2009 ; Buckaroo Book Award | Nominee | Children's | 2008 - 2009

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend Cover Image
By Melanie Watt, Melanie Watt (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781554531813
Availability: Backordered
Published: Kids Can Press - March 1st, 2007

The lovable little worrywart introduced in "Scaredy Squirrel" is back and he's as neurotic as ever. In his latest adventure, Scaredy sets out to make the perfect friend--preferably one with no teeth, and who is germ-free and predictable. Illustrations

WINNER of Red Clover Award 2009

Sky Sweeper Cover Image
By Phillis Gershator, Holly Meade (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780374370077
Availability: Special Order
Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) - March 20th, 2007

As a boy, Takeboki becomes a "Flower Keeper" at a Zen temple, and his work shaping the monks' garden becomes a lifelong occupation. His family objects: shouldn't he find a more lucrative, prestigious job? Even the monks withhold praise. But Takeboki listens only to the profound joy his work brings. When he grows too old to rake, the monks finally realize his contribution. They rush to thank him, but they find that he has already passed on to heaven, where he joyfully sweeps a celestial garden of clouds and stars.

Also: Parents Choice Award (Spring) (1998-2007) | Winner | Silver | 2007 - 2007 ; Lupine Award | Honor Book | Picture Book | 2007 - 2007 ; Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children | Recommended | Seven to Ten | 2008 - 2008

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything Cover Image
By Elise Broach, David Small (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780689869228
Availability: Available from our warehouse - 1-5 Days
Published: Atheneum Books - September 25th, 2007

In a playful take on the stickers and lollipops that bored kids sweep up at businesses as parents do errands, Broach imagines what would happen if a dinosaur were the giveaway of the day. A boy's increasing delight at the freebies he collects from the bakery, the doctor, and barber contrast with his mother's increasing panic and dismay as the lumbering beasts start to accumulate. Just when a little boy thinks he"s going to die of boredom from running errands with his mom, the most remarkable thing happens. Caldecott Medalist Small teams up with newcomer Broach to explore the age-old battle of wills in this clever book. Full color. Also: Great Lakes Book Awards | Nominee | Picture Book | 2008 - 2008 ; E.B. White Read Aloud Award | Winner | Picture Book | 2008 - 2008 ; Connecticut Book Awards | Finalist | Children's Author | 2008 - 2008 ; Ladybug Picture Book Award | Nominee | Children's Picture | 2008 - 2008 ; Beehive Awards | Nominee | Picture | 2010 - 2010 ; Buckaroo Book Award | Nominee | Children's | 2008 - 2009

White Owl, Barn Owl Cover Image
By Nicola Davies, Michael Foreman (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763633646
Availability: Backordered
Published: Candlewick Press (MA) - April 10th, 2007

A young girl and her grandfather look for a barn owl night after night. Will a distinctive heart-shaped face appear at the window? An award-winning author and a noted illustrator take young readers into the wondrous world of the barn owl in this book filled with lush, full-color illustrations and lyrical text with intriguing facts about the bird with the heart-shaped face.

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