Book Clubs at Village Square Booksellers


Our Monthly Book Clubs meet in the store to discuss a contemporary or topical work of fiction or non-fiction.

  • Morning


  • Afternoon/Evening
    •   Pick: Burntown by Jennifer McMahon
    •  (Date TBD) 6-8pm
    • 20% off list price!


Other Clubs:

  • Classics Quarterly:
    • Every three months join us for discussion of a classic work of literature. The 'classics' can seem intimidating, buried as they are under their reputation or held up to an impossible standard. Pedestals are a dangerous place for anything. Books need to be picked up, argued over and experienced. Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.
    • Current Pick: Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, or the abridged version
    • The 'Tale' is the first novel ever written, predating Don Quixote by centuries. Murasaki's epic is over 1,400 pages and rich in political and cultural detail and having an immeasurable influence on Japanese society. Due to the overwhelming scope of the work we offer the original English abridgement to readers who wish to have a sense of the work's power as well as the modern full translation for dedicated classics readers.
    •  4-6pm
    • 25% off List Price!

Remember: All members receive a discount on books that they purchase for their clubs.

Off-site book clubs 10%, In-House book clubs 20% off!

Anyone interested in being part of a new Village Square Booksellers book discussion group? Mother - daughter book club? Non-fiction only? Teen Book Club? Sunday afternoon "book teas"?  One Evening a Month? Daytime Seniors?  Share a Book - each person reads a different book on a theme? Let us know what we can do for you!

Also, anyone interested in participating in reading advanced reader's copies (arcs) of books to review them ahead of release for display on our shelves? Particularly YA, Teen or Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction books?

Contact Pat for details 802-463-9404