Essential Human Virology (Paperback)

Essential Human Virology By Jennifer Louten Cover Image
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Essential Human Virology, Second Edition focuses on the structure and classification of viruses, virus transmission and virus replication strategies based upon type of viral nucleic acid. Several chapters focus on notable and recognizable viruses and the diseases caused by them, including influenza, HIV, hepatitis viruses, poliovirus, herpesviruses and emerging and dangerous viruses. Additionally, how viruses cause disease (pathogenesis) is highlighted, along with discussions on immune response to viruses, vaccines, anti-viral drugs, gene therapy, the beneficial uses of viruses, research laboratory assays and viral diagnosis assays.

Fully revised and updated with new chapters on coronaviruses, nonliving infectious agents, and notable non-human viruses, the book provides students with a solid foundation in virology.

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ISBN: 9780323905657
ISBN-10: 032390565X
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: June 20th, 2022
Pages: 395
Language: English