Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga And Other Very, Very Funny Stories (Paperback)

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POLITICAL BOOKS WILL MAKE YOU SAD, MY BOOK WILL MAKE YOU GLAD. We all know a Robert Isenberg. He's the one who sees things a little differently than the rest of us. He's the one who makes you laugh when he tells you what he's thinking. "WHY MEN ARE SUSPICIOUS OF YOGA "encompasses fifty-five short essays that gives you some idea of what he's thinking and about what. Robert actually asserts that elections are won more by what the candidates eat than what they say. For instance, he is convinced that had Hillary said,"Hold the kale and bring on the iceberg," she would have won by a landslide. This author even sports his audacity by taking on subjects as hugging and smiling, who is good at it and who is not. He is embarrassed to admit to having squabbles with robots on the phone and losing the arguments. Isenberg stoops to bragging in great detail about receiving an apology from a former lover who dumped him over forty-five years ago. He believes that this is a world's record for belated apologies. Nothing is safe from his irreverent eye including world leaders and especially pets with attitude. Robert goes on to discuss how much the word perplexed perplexes him when his cardiologist used it in his analysis of Robert. He then goes on to admit that although he is fortunate enough to have two wives, one is Dana who appears in many of his articles, the other is his real wife Esther who wants nothing to do with what Dana has to say, plus two daughters and one granddaughter that he's still perplexed by the other gender. He, of course, can't wait to tell us why and where this fear came from. Isenberg is somewhat of a questioning sports fan. He has no idea why he's so loyal to the Red Sox. He says they have never come to his office and asked if he's having a good day. He wonders why he should care for even one second why a bunch of strangers lost another game. Re football he says while watching football he learns more about mattresses and fast food than football.
All and all this book is a treasure chest filled with smiles and laughter. It gives us what we all need today, more than ever, real wit and real humor.

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ISBN: 9780692123898
ISBN-10: 069212389X
Publisher: Robert Isenberg
Publication Date: April 19th, 2019
Pages: 234
Language: English