The Cowboy & the Cheerleader (Paperback)

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The Cowboy & the Cheerleader is the story of a high school love that won't go away over decades. Elaine Bybee and Andy Bond meet in high school in Provo, Utah, in 1957. He gives her that first kiss, in a bus depot in southern Utah. Although she pulls away at the time, by her college years she has fallen for him utterly. Yet-they are meant for different lives. He's a rancher, she a city girl. Elaine believes in paying her way, with a dream to work in New York City. After a killer goodbye, she chooses that life, thrilled to find a job in book publishing. Andy settles on his dream ranch with a wife suited to the place. No contact between cowboy and cheerleader in all these years. Then one night Elaine gets a call in her lower east side apartment. It is Andy. She later describes seeing him again. Look to Mount Timp over Provo. "Through the changing seasons . . . there is that rock again, the beloved shape it always was. That's how it is with Andy." Readers of The Cowboy & the Cheerleader say it has "punch in the] writing, a sharpness, a wit." "It brings tears and a few times out loud laughter." "I absolutely could not stop smiling."

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ISBN: 9780963654878
ISBN-10: 096365487X
Publisher: Cascade Books
Publication Date: July 21st, 2020
Pages: 420
Language: English