Viking: The Green Land: An Epic Novel of Norse Adventure (Paperback)

Viking: The Green Land: An Epic Novel of Norse Adventure By Katie Aiken Ritter Cover Image
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ICELAND, 982 A.D. A SHIP OF OUTLAWS. A WOMAN, ALONE. Dangerous seas...and even more dangerous secrets on board. Iceland's powerful Althing Council has convicted seafarer Tiller Thorvaldsson of murder - to force him on a ship for a perilous quest in search of a legendary land, said to lie in uncharted western seas. Who is the mysterious, beautiful woman aboard, called Fishgirl? A skilled liar, she tells Tiller that her life is in danger and that she is in desperate need of an ally...but do they dare trust one other? Based on the Saga of Erik the Red and evocative of Jean Auel's CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, THE GREEN LAND is a sweeping epic novel of murder, passion, love, and courage in a battle for survival between the dark forces of intrigue and the redemptive power of the human spirit. Fast-paced action with complex, strong-willed characters and meticulously researched, authentic storytelling - with plot twists to keep you guessing until the last page - you'll love the experience of reading VIKING: THE GREEN LAND Will finding land offer hope...or bring them even greater danger? ADVENTURE AWAITS Buy VIKING THE GREEN LAND now to set your sails for excitement. 2016 Alabama Writer's Conference Novel Award Winner A POWERFUL, STAND-ALONE NOVEL WITH PLANNED SEQUELS.

About the Author

Sometimes writers create their books. Sometimes the book creates a writer. People are fascinated with Viking culture. An authentic novel about Norse-era explorers never figured on Katie's list of novel topics, but life decided otherwise: a startling and uncomfortable epiphany left her with the clear understanding that she was to write a book based on the Saga of Erik the Red. The experience was too shocking to ignore. After nine years of careful research and work, Katie is proud to offer VIKING: THE GREEN LAND for readers who yearn for deep, well-crafted historical fiction. Male and female readers alike have expressed critical acclaim for this debut novel. Katie lives in rural Maryland with her husband Mark and an assemblage of pets thoughtfully bestowed by their three grown sons...because doesn't every house need a Weimaranar and an adolescent Dalmatian, and extra cats? Because of this, she needs a lot of cake. Because of that, she must walk regularly. Katie enjoyed a twenty-plus year career in software sales, database customizations, and implementation project management. She also served as an Annual Fund Director doing fundraising for a nationally-renowned private school. Her most recent volunteer work has been environmental activism. She holds a degree in biology from Swarthmore College. Katie has done freelance writing for magazines and newspapers, and served as launch editor for a regional print publication. She wrote content for an architectural monograph for an international architecture/planning company (DDG: THE MASTER ARCHITECT SERIES REVISITED) and produced case studies about CRM installations. Katie loves to dance, to build stone walls, and feels the need for pearls and high heels when cleaning the oven (which really doesn't need to be done but once a decade or so, when one really thinks about it.) "Absolutely riveting. The author weaves a carefully crafted, historically accurate tale with such skill that you are surprised by the twists and turns, even if you're familiar with the history. Her characters are raw, highly detailed, and believable and the story slowly, but surely, recreates the long-ago world of Nordic explorers so accurately that you can just about feel the icy wind on your face. Can't wait for the next volume!" - GOODREADS Katie can be reached at or on Goodreads, or Instagram at KatieRitterVikingWriter. She is currently working on the sequel to VIKING: THE GREEN LAND.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997876512
ISBN-10: 0997876514
Publisher: Kathryn Ritter
Publication Date: August 25th, 2016
Pages: 466
Language: English