The Infinite Evolution - Conversion (Paperback)

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A father, raising a thirteen-year-old daughter named Jade, gets involved in a galactic journey, which they could have never imagined. In the year 2039, Spencer starts his day fulfilling his morning routines. His life soon changes as he realizes all Earthlings are just a minuscule part of something much more significant. Jade finds comfort in an android named Adam and shortly afterward encounters an alien race who unwilling learns the truth about their ancestral heritage. Spencer quickly finds himself infatuated with a woman who is literally from out of this world. Confused with his newfound love, Spencer needs to decide: does he pursue these feelings or bury them deep inside? As both Spencer and Jade move into their journeys, hoping to understand their contribution to life someday, they find themselves in a world no longer their own. Before long epic events are put into motion, changing the fate of everything and everyone who resides in the Milky Way.

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ISBN: 9781105087059
ISBN-10: 1105087050
Publication Date: January 19th, 2012
Pages: 358
Language: English