English with a Hint of Latvian (Paperback)

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By Jemima Mantle (Illustrator), Matt Robert Ewens
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This magical adventure sees Thalamos Thunderfire, a cantankerous wizard on a quest to recover his stolen magical staff. What awaits him is a journey of discovery and amazement.

About the Author

Matt Ewens, is a fantasy children's writer from Plymouth, in the United Kingdom. His love for adventure started at an early age, armed with a torch underneath the covers reading The Famous Five and Roald Dahl after bedtime. In Matt's teenage years, he discovered Fighting Fantasy books and his imagination was propelled into fantastic quests, where 'YOU' are the hero. The books enabled the reader to control the narrative by making choices about what action to take in the story. What made these books so great was not only the story telling, but the wonderful illustrations, which really added another dimension to the books. The primary source of inspiration, however, sits with a small set of four magical science fiction Ladybird books written by Fred and Geoffrey Hoyle. These books featured the incredible artistry of Martin Aitchison, who produced some breathtaking illustrations. It was these books that were to further ignite Matt's dream of writing and such was the effect of these books, that Matt was inspired to write his first book Devonshire with a Hint of Albanian. Matt has now updated and reinvented the original story as English with a Hint of Latvian and this will form a series of adventures featuring the legendary wizard Thalamos Thunderfire!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781548818142
ISBN-10: 1548818143
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 11th, 2017
Pages: 104
Language: English