Filthy Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Most Outrageous Sexual Puns (Paperback)

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Celebrating the Bard in all his bawdy glory, an eminent scholar puts the spotlight on the down-and-dirty sexual puns lurking in Shakespeare?s work.

Everyone knows of his matchless understanding of the human condition, but we have been deprived for centuries of the full extent of one of Shakespeare?s most brilliant dramatic devices. Restoring the saucy, often shocking meanings that lie beneath his words, Filthy Shakespeare gives modern readers a tour of the brothels, buggery, trannies, pimps, pricks, and other tawdry references populating his best-known works. The tension between sexual wordplay and politics provides a captivating historical backdrop, while the fascinating facts about life in Will?s England make us see his masterworks in their gritty authenticity.

Revealing and riotously funny, Filthy Shakespeare is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to rediscover the master of the sexual pun at his most inventive.

About the Author

Pauline Kiernan spent 10 years in London as a journalist before studying at the University of Oxford, where she took a doctorate in Shakespeare, and went on to teach at several colleges there. Dr. Kiernan is a screenwriter, an award-winning playwright, and a Shakespeare scholar. She is also a creative writing consultant, journalist, and speaker.

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ISBN: 9781592404018
ISBN-10: 1592404014
Publisher: Avery
Publication Date: October 7th, 2008
Pages: 304
Language: English