Westminster, Vermont, 1735-2000:: Township Number One (Hardcover)

Westminster, Vermont, 1735-2000:: Township Number One By Jessie Haas Cover Image
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Westminster is the oldest town in Vermont, and its history is visible down every street. Vermont itself was born here, when the first blood of the American Revolution was shed during the Westminster Massacre and it separated from New York. Westminster declined in political importance during the nineteenth century, but its agricultural heritage bloomed as residents exported everything from beef to vegetables to Christmas wreaths. Despite its small size, Westminster also boasts unique neighborhoods with their own vibrant cultures, including Westminster Village, Gageville and Westminster West. From brilliant inventors and the co-founder of the Oneida Community to a Miss Vermont, an Oscar-winning actress and Vermont's eighty-first governor, the famous sons and daughters of Westminster have left their marks on the state and the nation. Celebrated local author Jessie Haas and the Westminster Historical Society showcase what makes Westminster such an amazing and quintessentially Vermont community.

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ISBN: 9781609494759
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Publisher: History Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2012
Pages: 576
Language: English