Therapeutic Waves: Electromagnetic Technologies from diagnosis to cancer research (Paperback)

Therapeutic Waves: Electromagnetic Technologies from diagnosis to cancer research By Marcello Allegretti Cover Image
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Diagnosing and then treating, curing and restoring a state of well-being is possible thanks to electromagnetic waves. Contrary to what one might think, they are topics of such wide application that already at the time when the author published the book "The therapeutic properties of electromagnetic waves", he already knew that many topics of great scientific interest had been excluded. The book, which includes the one just mentioned, comprise in addition to the main and well-known technologies used for care and well-being, also those recently studied and applied. There are many pages dedicated to biological effects on human cells and tissues, the energy properties of water, harmful effects, to end with one of the most difficult topics to deal with: cancer. What the world of research has discovered and experienced over decades is hardly known to anyone, even to the experts in the medical field. In the last chapter, the author has collected the most interesting studies carried out worldwide, mainly on technologies that in many cases have evolved into recognized and approved applications for the treatment and ablation of cancer.Embracing and explaining, in the simplest possible way, such a wide range of applications with electromagnetic waves is not easy, considering that the topics covered include notions of physics as well as of medicine and biology. The text is useful to inform both professionals and those interested in knowing more about concepts, about methodologies and discoveries whose existence is often ignored.The medical world is becoming aware of the effectiveness of the technologies that apply electromagnetic waves both in the diagnostic and curative fields and, as a consequence, the old methodologies are gradually set aside. These innovative technologies are the future of medicine and having ever more precise knowledge of how cells and tissues generate, transmit, receive and react to electromagnetic waves can lead to the formulation of solutions more and more effective. Also in ebook version.

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