I Haven't a Clue (Paperback)

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The flash of lightning comes out of nowhere. I jump, and I'm surprised to be knee deep in water. The clap of thunder comes with a violence not to be matched by anything man-made. Something has made Mother Nature strike out with a vengeance. The warm water seems to be filled with tiny needles pricking my skin. I turn around and around, searching for a way out of the water. It seems endless. It is getting deeper. The current makes it hard to wade back. Wade back to where? The needles are now sinking deeper into my body. My blood is making the water a dull red. The noise of the thunder vibrates into my soul, stealing my breath away. The lightning breaks through the darkness and bounces off my wet skin, making a multitude of colors reflecting in both the water and sky. The needles no longer prick my skin but have become long slashes. Tearing my flesh into ribbons and floating away. Soon I will be a skeleton with only eyes to witness my life being torn from me.

Will Elise ever be able to escape the world of her nightmares? Does she dream to escape or to find the answers that are keeping her trapped in her loveless marriage and in a world filled with terror?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662417818
ISBN-10: 1662417810
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: August 31st, 2020
Pages: 428
Language: English