Dangerous Hope (Hardcover)

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We all hope for many things in our lives - for our circumstances to change, for our businesses to be successful, for equality, justice, and positive change, and even for a cure to disease. But when the things we hope for don't happen, we can get stuck in a cycle of disappointment.

But what if it didn't have to be this way? What if, instead, we recognized our disappointment for what it is - a part of The Cycle of Dangerous Hope, rich with opportunities designed to help us grow?

In Anderson's story, you will learn about overcoming disappointment and persevering when hope seems lost. Dangerous Hope will guide you through:

- Understanding The Cycle of Dangerous Hope

- Sowing the seeds of Dangerous Hope

- Pulling the Weeds of False Hope

- Using the mulch of Hope Deferred

- Becoming an Agent of Dangerous Hope in life and in business

Dangerous Hope is your guide to getting back up again when your hope feels lost.


"In a story that is personal, practical, and positive, Mandy reminds us that hope is a long game, and gives us tools and encouragement to stay the course and see the good results in our own lives. An encouraging read for anyone facing the setbacks and disappointment that we all encounter at different times of life."

Rachel Linden, author of The Enlightenment of Bees

"Dangerous Hope is a heartfelt and inspiring read that will make you laugh, gasp, and cry in equal measure. Mandy B. Anderson has a lighthearted way about her that makes the reader fall in love with her story and desperately root for her to win."

Meggan Larson, Best Selling Author, Coach, and Course Creator

"Anderson captured the essence of living with a chronic illness and not allowing said illness to defeat your ability to hope. What is Dangerous Hope and how does one enter into it? Read this book You will discover it is exactly what you need without realizing you needed it."

Darla Medeck-Johnson, author of Dewdrops to Raindrops

"There are times when hope is all we have. If you have ever rolled up in a ball in a corner, afraid to hope, but knowing that hope is all that is left, you need to not just read, but truly digest Dangerous Hope. Mandy B. speaks her truth, creating a safe place for you to tell your truth. Then she guides you through a real life process of taking action and being mindful. The goal is to not just plant the seeds of hope, but nurture them and fully live your life and purpose. Because that's what matters."

Kim Nagle, author of The DAMN Plan: How To Find Freedom, Love And Money In Your Business

"Mandy captures the delicate dance with hope through living with a chronic, life-threatening illness in such a powerful way. Her coaching skillset shines radiantly as she walks us through how to cultivate hope in any circumstance. Let this book change how you approach your own life struggles and learn how to bravely step into dangerous hope with bold inhibition."

Lara Govendo, Mental Health Counselor, Author, and Speaker

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ISBN: 9781736635650
ISBN-10: 1736635654
Publisher: Rayma Team Media
Publication Date: July 12th, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English