Seriously, I Manscaped for This? Book One (Paperback)

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Ever date a guy who only engages in Star Trek sex? I got the dish. Have you been mid-date when the guy literally runs away from you never looking back? Been there Did you fart (or anal queef as I delicately try to euphemize it) in your boyfriend's face during your first rim job? I win.When we're children we are meticulously taught not to talk to strangers. Now as adults it seems as if that's all we do. Dating and the need to find someone special is a driving force in dulling down our "spidy-sense" allowing for frivolous interactions whether it's on the internet, a coffee date, or meeting a guy in a dark bar.But dating and relationships don't always play out so well.My stories (as well as my friends) are vignettes depicting the roller coaster ride of dating and relationship mishaps in my 20s and early 30s, which I chronicle on my blog "I Shaved My Ass for This?"Follow me into the hilarious and often shocking gay dating arena, which can be filled with bad decisions, angst, and sometimes even downright cruelty. These tales are to remind us that maybe our mothers were right in trying to paint the act of talking to strangers with such a cautionary hue.

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ISBN: 9781775131700
ISBN-10: 177513170X
Publisher: Haven't You Heard Press
Publication Date: October 18th, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English