The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway (Misadventures Trilogy #1) (Paperback)

The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway (Misadventures Trilogy #1) Cover Image
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This is book number 1 in the Misadventures Trilogy series.


In the first installment of the Misadventures Trilogy, hapless history teacher Martin Hathaway falls through Space and Time to land upon Airship Captain Daisy Fitzgerald McNamara's coffee table and into the middle of an adventure larger than he could ever dream.

Martin Hathaway awakens to discover that he is the center of a battle between the Free People of the Lost Valley and the Clockwork Men of Anatamenwar. Together with the eccentric crew of the A.S. Nephthys, Martin must explore the world of Arnica to discover his origins and ultimate destiny, all while reminding himself not to fall in love with the beautiful but deadly Captain McNamara. His journey is a lighthearted, humorous romp through time-honored fantasy conventions, proving that nothing, drama included, should be taken too seriously.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945769269
ISBN-10: 1945769262
Publisher: Wise Ink
Publication Date: December 20th, 2016
Language: English
Series: Misadventures Trilogy