World Class Maintenance Management: The 12 Disciplines (Hardcover)

World Class Maintenance Management: The 12 Disciplines By Rolly Angeles, Charles Robert Nelms Cover Image
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What does it take for industries to achieve a level of World Class Maintenance? This book is written to answer that question. While many maintenance people in industries are struggling with the day-to-day pressures of doing maintenance as breakdowns and failures are widespread, seem to be uncontrolled, and spreads like wildfire which ends up soaring the cost of doing maintenance, there is a better way. If your industry is in this condition, then you are not alone and there is a way out.

There are 12 Disciplines in World Class Maintenance which the author grouped into three categories which include the Basic Discipline, The Maintenance Strategies, and The Advance Discipline. Each of these disciplines is explained in detail.

Some of the interesting highlights of this book include;

- Why Are Most Industries Reactive?

- Can Equipment Failures Be Eliminated?

- The Need for a World-Class Maintenance Management

- Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Disciplines

- How to Make Training Work for your industry

- Selecting the Right KPIs for maintenance

- Why OEE Is Not a Perfect Measurement

- An Inconvenient Truth about Preventive Maintenance

- Survey on Top Problems in Preventive Maintenance

- Why Autonomous Maintenance Is Important

- RCM vs. TPM (which is the Best lb. for lb.) Improvement Strategy

- Integrating RCM into the TPM Process

- Why TPM is Hard to Implement

- My TPM Experience - A Successful Failure

- Why Many Root Cause Initiatives Fail?

- The Lifeblood of Root Cause Failure Analysis

- Where Do We End Our Probe in Root Cause Analysis?

- What Will It take for the Maintenance to Get There?

- What Does It Take to Change People? And many more.

This book is written for every maintenance leader and manager out there who want to improve the way they maintain their equipment and assets' reliability to maximize their operations efficiently and effectively where the bottom line is to reduce the cost of doing maintenance. Achieving a World-Class Maintenance level will not happen overnight, a week, or a month since this is a long-term strategy. There is no Silver Bullet Solution to maintenance. This book will provide the reader a better understanding and perspective on reaching a level of World Class Maintenance that every industry seeks.

The author shares the life experiences and day-to-day struggles of maintenance people in industries in seeking better ways to manage and maintain their equipment and assets. This book contains real-life stories, struggles, and actual experiences of the author as he shares his passion and experience living with the day-to-day struggles of doing maintenance.

The book is easy to absorb as it is structured into three parts: the Basics, the Strategies, and the Advance Disciplines. The Twelve Disciplines are grouped accordingly into these three parts. The book's message is straightforward since there is no better way to start any maintenance strategy than by going back to the basic discipline which is often ignored. Big problems, unplanned breakdowns, and catastrophic failures are just an accumulation of small problems that have always been ignored and mostly neglected. The author strongly emphasizes the importance of operators' role in addressing these basic equipment conditions and why these people are very important in any reliability and maintenance strategy.

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2018
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