The Shackles of Love (Stage Play format): Based on the stage play Shackled Down (Paperback)

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A fictitious story about how 32-year-old Neena, became mentally shackled in her marriage to husband Teddy. What are mental shackles? So glad you asked When you TOTALLY allow yourself to become mentally dependent on a relationship, or your mate, and give LITTLE to NO time depending on God; this may ultimately lead to mental and sometimes physical shackles Neena fell into this wearisome trap, without having a clue this was transpiring.Now let's not be so hard on Neena. You too can become mentally shackled in your relationship if you are NOT cautious and aware of the signs. We as people can lose sight of who we are if we put more focus on the relationship than we do in God, even when the marriage was ordained by Him. Included in this story are the signs of a person experiencing mental shackles, or possibly traveling down that road Do not fret, help is on the way The two fictitious therapists in the story will guide you through this process. They specialize in restoring relationships and marriages. Their belief is that a strong foundation must be built and maintained; that's only through trusting and depending on God The storyline in this book conveys drama, intertwined with romance, comedy, and love. Enjoy this 'emotional' rollercoaster ride and in the end ask yourself, Am I too, caught up in the Shackles of Love?This book is based on the stage play Shackled Down by Kelcy Williams Performed at the National Black Theatre Festival 2009, Winston Salem, NC (New Writer's Series)(Kelcy is also the author of the book, UnDying Love of a Mother)

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ISBN: 9798598606766
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 14th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English