Fight COVID and Win: A Survival Guide (Hardcover)

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This doctor's clinics have treated 2,000+ COVID-19 patients with 100% recovery. Read this book to learn how he did it.

Fight COVID and Win: A Survival Guide reveals the COVID-19 prevention and treatment protocol that has saved the lives of over 2,000 patients. Since early 2020, Dr. Williams' Urgent Care 24/7 centers across the southern United States have seen people from all walks of life-from the elderly and high risk to the pregnant and breastfeeding to the fit and young to the immunocompromised.

To date, Fight COVID and Win is the first comprehensive user manual to prevent COVID-19 infection, treat early and effectively, and keep patients alive-and without long-haul COVID symptoms.

Fight COVID and Win outlines Dr. Williams' research of the virus, the findings of the medical community that informed his decisions, and the initial development of treatment for the disease. From there, the book explains how the protocol morphed with more research, more learning, and more variants.

Most importantly, Dr. Williams discusses how the treatment protocol has kept 99.8% of Urgent Care 24/7 patients out of the hospital with 100% recovering from COVID-19.


Learn how he did it, follow the protocol, fight COVID, and win.

The first COVID-19 treatment protocol with a 100% survival rate

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ISBN: 9798985765366
Publisher: Red Truck Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: March 7th, 2022
Pages: 324
Language: English