Tom Fontaine, “Grafton’s Medical Men” on Sunday December 1 at 1pm

Grafton's Medical MenVillage Square Booksellers in Bellows Falls VT welcomes Tom Fontaine, author of “Grafton’s Medical Men” on Sunday December 1 at 1pm as part of the BFDDA Open House Weekend.  Fontaine’s book takes young readers on an imaginative field trip across the battlefields of the Civil War, to the canvas medical tents and surgical tables where two Grafton doctors struggle to keep the wounded alive during the historic Battle of Gettysburg, and shed tears in the face of the horrific loss of life.  The two young men, actual residents of Grafton, faced the challenge of treating the wounded Union Army soldiers and the drama of the ugly side of war. It describes how limited the medical knowledge was at that time and how the men needed to improvise to help the needy.  Grafton had over 100 men volunteer for the war effort in the earlier years. Many from Grafton served in 16th regiment and are mentioned in the book.“Grafton’s Medical Men” is Fontaine’s third in a series, sometimes fictionalized, on the role the men and boys from this small southern Vermont town played in the Civil War. His three books were published by the Grafton Historical Society. Fontaine has been in education for over thirty years.   Call 802-463-9404 for book and event reservations.

Event address: 

32 The Square
Bellows Falls, VT 05101