Writing Our Way to Resistance! With Elayne Clift

Elayne CliftWriting Our Way to Resistance! With Elayne Clift

A Writing Workshop

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2 – 4 pm.  Village Square Booksellers, 32 The Square, Bellows Falls, VT


 “May you live in interesting times.” That well-known expression is relevant in many ways now, at a time in our history when raising our voices through artistic expression has become vital – and often therapeutic. Whether we paint, compose or literally speak out, giving voice to our feelings and values is necessary.  Writers do this by way of creative expression through fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction, including essays and commentary. Often these pieces are satiric, humorous or downright funny.  Your pick!

This workshop provides an opportunity for writers at all levels to craft personal expressions of resistance in their own ways and their own voices. Facilitated prompts and group discussion in a supportive environment will enable participants to share their thoughts via the written word.  Come with laptop, pencil and paper, ideas, opinions and experiences! 

Register early with Elayne Clift at 802-869-2686 or at Village Square Books, 802-463-9404, by Sept. 25.  Participation is limited!  Questions? eclift@vermontel.net




Event address: 

32 The Square
Bellows Falls, VT 05101