Be That Empty

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Rare is the author who attracts the love of two U.S. Poet Laureates but Alice B. Fogel, it's no surprise, did it--and deservedly. Alice B. Fogel's poems have been called "as intense and perfectly rendered as that of Rilke"...she has received an NEA fellowship, lives off the grid, makes recycled clothing, and has come bursting at the seams in this first publication since her lauded books from the late good-eye-for poetry, Zoland (her other books of poetry are Elemental and I Love This Dark World). BE THAT EMPTY is that cup of water before being damned, or it is the water at the edge of damnation (its subtitle, APOLOGIA FOR AIR, being the shout and fist of it). If you can handle "All for show, to win a point for their god/ they put the bomb on the bus for a ride/ each leaves and twigs in a real windstorm" then you will be held newborn by "the story/ buoyed upon the essence/I inhale"; "I stay for every note, rippling, concentric".


Be That Empty by Alice B Fogel
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